Privacy Policy

Yaklasim Muhendislik, collects certain information from you as you interact with us via email, phone, in person, and on our website.  We want to keep your information safe, and only use your information for the purpose it was originally given.  This policy describes how we collect and use your data, and how you can ask us to remove it.


Our website uses third party cookies to help us understand our traffic, serve ads, and to provide you with continuity as you browse our website and return later.  If you turn off cookies on your browser, you should still be able to use the website, but it won't remember things like the contents of your cart.

Third party cookies used on include:

  • Google Analytics (Helps us to understand where our traffic comes from, and how people interact with our website.)
  • Google Ads (Allows us to track results from ads that we buy, as well as display re-marketing ads to you across the internet.  You can opt out of Google Ads here.)
  • Shopify (Allows you to log in and leave comments.)
  • WooCommerce (Manages your cart and the checkout process.)
  • Affiliatewp (Helps us track referrals.)


If you fill out a contact form on our website, we'll collect information like your name, email, and details about your project.  We'll use that information to contact you and offer assistance with your project.  We may check in with you periodically to see how your project is going.


When you place an order from our website, we collect information required to fulfill the order such as your name, phone number, email, and billing/shipping address.  We use this information to ship your order to you, provide tracking info, make sure your order arrived safely, and provide after-sale support.

We use third party payment processors (İyzico, Stripe and Paypal), and do not store any of your financial information internally.  Stripe and PayPal and İyzico have their own respective privacy policies separate from ours.

Email and Other Communication

We keep copies of emails you send us and notes about phone calls and other interactions in your customer record, potentially forever.  Knowing your customer history helps us serve you better when you contact us again in the future.

Sharing or Selling Data

We do not and will never sell your data.  We do not and will never share your data with an outside organization without your explicit permission.

We share customer support resources across our small company, so people within Yaklasim Muhendislik working on another project have the same access to your customer record.

How to Request Deletion of Data

If you would like us to remove your data from our records, just send an email to with your request, and we will promptly honor your request.

Please be aware that removing all your data will mean we forget who you are, so any future interactions (emails, forms, orders) will trigger the creation of a new customer record.

"Do Not Track" and affiliated websites do not alter its practices when it receives a "do not track" signal from your browser.


We do not specifically target our services at individuals in the EU, so we are not subject to the rules of the GPDR.

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