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Blackseametalworks is a startup of Yaklasim Muhendislik. Our company, which was established as a design office in line with the needs of our country, designs sheet metal molds for the automotive sector and designs machines and apparatus for various sectors.

Small wood stoves

Tiny Wood Stove

A tiny wood stove designed for tiny houses, caravans, and campervans offers a compact and efficient heating solution for small living spaces. These stoves are specially crafted to fit snugly into tight quarters while still providing ample warmth and functionality. They typically feature lightweight construction and easy installation, making them ideal for mobile living situations. With their charming aesthetic and eco-friendly operation, tiny wood stoves not only serve as practical heating sources but also enhance the cozy ambiance of compact living spaces, making them a popular choice among minimalist and off-grid enthusiasts.

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Camping wood cooker stove


A camping wood stove, also known as a camping cooker stove or outdoor cooker stove, is a versatile and portable cooking appliance designed for outdoor adventures. These stoves are typically lightweight, compact, and easy to transport, making them perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, and other outdoor activities. They often utilize various fuel sources such as wood, propane, or butane, providing flexibility for different environments and preferences. With features like adjustable heat levels, wind resistance, and sturdy construction, camping wood stoves offer a reliable and efficient way to prepare meals in the wilderness, enhancing the overall outdoor experience for enthusiasts.

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minor cast iron wood stoce


Cast Iron Wood Stove

A cast iron wood stove, also referred to as a fireplace cast iron stove, is a traditional heating appliance crafted from durable cast iron material. Renowned for their timeless appeal and efficient heat retention properties, these stoves are beloved fixtures in many homes. Their sturdy construction allows them to withstand high temperatures and prolonged use, making them reliable heating sources during colder months. Additionally, their classic design adds a rustic charm to any living space while providing cozy warmth and ambiance. Ideal for both heating and cooking purposes, cast iron wood stoves remain popular choices for homeowners seeking to enhance their comfort and style while embracing a touch of traditional craftsmanship.

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