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Tiny wood stove and caravan wood stove

Tiny wood stove and caravan wood stove

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Hand made mini tent wood stove for camping
Wood Burning Stove, Mini Wood Stove, Medium Duty Mini Stove, Camping Stove, Camp Tent Stove, Camping Heating

Appx L:30cm W: 30cm, H: 40cm
Weight: 10kg
Stove made with 2-3 mm medium duty sheet metal. Door made 3-4mm sheet metal.

- Finish: Nice Steel with Black Color
- Process time: 1 Days
- Flue diameter: 10cm (4 inches)
- Fuel: Dry Wood
- Pipes not included

●It can smell after a few burns. That's why you need to light the first fire
● In the opposite wind, you should pay attention to the smoke in all stoves.
● Falling asleep by the fire in all stoves can be risky. Not suitable for use
other than wood.
● If the chimney is blocked, smoke may leak into the environment. Make
sure that the front of the chimney is kept open.
● Throwing chemicals or plastic into the stove harms nature and the
environment, it is definitely not recommended.
● It is not appropriate to use flammable materials other than wood.
● Use it by mounting it on the ground in shaky places such as
● Take precautions against the risks of tipping in the event of a jolt.
● Do not touch the surface of the stove when in use
● Never leave children and pets unattended when stove is in use
● Never use your stove in very rough seas
● Do not dry wet clothes directly on the stove
● The stove is not approved as an indoor space heater.
● Children and adults should be alerted to the hazards of high surface
temperature and should stay away to avoid burns or clothing ignition
● Due to high temperatures, the appliance should be located out of traffic
and away from furniture and draperies
● Even after the appliance is out, the stove and the glass will remain hot for
an extended period of time
● Never operate the stove without the baffles being installed correctly.
● There may be minor changes in technical drawings and dimensions during
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